Litigation Support Services

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Many court reporting agencies provide litigation support services for trial lawyers.   These litigation support services may include:  online repositories of deposition transcripts and exhibits, document production, exhibit retention and production, trial presentation services, subpoena services, videoconferencing facilities, videotape depositions, conference room rental, and nationwide deposition scheduling. We’ve heard the old saying, “Time is money,” and

The U.S. legal system is extremely complex in several different ways, but one thing that will always remain constant is the need for accurate documentation. The words spoken in court can change a person’s life forever, which is why you cannot afford to miss one second of a deposition or statement. From deposition videography to

People are always searching for new and exciting career opportunities. Exciting jobs can be great to have, but difficult to find, and even more difficult to obtain. Starting a career as a stenographer, also known as a court reporter, can be very rewarding and lead to great career opportunities for the future. Being a court

One of the nation’s cornerstones is its judicial system. Established by the Founding Fathers hundreds of years ago, much of the basic structure still remains relatively intact today. One thing that’s changed with the advent of modern technology is the way in which court reporting services and deposition services can be done. The Elite Court

Will new technologies render court reporters obsolete? The answer to that question, according to Stenographer Dina Marcus, is no — at least not for a long time. While many people assume that voice recorders, videoconferencing, tapes, and voice-to-text technology can do everything that an actual human being can do, when it comes down to it,

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With new technologies being introduced literally all of the time, many people around the world are beginning to question the old way of doing things — and whether there isn’t a better and more efficient way of doing them now. That, of course, means that court reporters and the tried and true art of stenography