Litigation Support Services

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Many court reporting agencies provide litigation support services for trial lawyers.   These litigation support services may include:  online repositories of deposition transcripts and exhibits, document production, exhibit retention and production, trial presentation services, subpoena services, videoconferencing facilities, videotape depositions, conference room rental, and nationwide deposition scheduling. We’ve heard the old saying, “Time is money,” and

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You might say that a court reporting agency should be seen but not heard. When court reporters do their jobs right, you shouldn’t notice them at all. And yet, one court reporting agency is at the center of a bizarre twist in a high profile case. Since 2000, about 60 women have accused comedian Bill

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In a bizarre turn of events, one of the most well-known court reporting schools shut its doors in early January. Sage College, a private for-profit school in Moreno Valley, closed two weeks before the end of the quarter, turning away hundreds of court reporting and paralegal students. Despite its good reputation, Sage College has been

So you want to be a Court Reporter?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 by

Becoming a court reporter When becoming a court reporter, many people don’t know that there are a variety of different fields that you can delve into. Court reporting has three primary facets that are equally important to the judicial process:  Official/freelance reporting, closed captioning, and CART. Official/freelance reporting This is what people most often associate with

Realtime Reporting

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Realtime feed of testimony directly to an on-site laptop from the reporter. Complimentary use of laptops – LiveNote and Bridges installed and ready for client use. Rough Drafts Uncertified rough draft transcripts of deposition testimony in either paper or ASCII format. Internet Text Streaming Realtime feed of testimony directly to your browser via Internet, allowing

What is “Realtime”?

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Realtime provides litigation teams the ability to represent their clients with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency possible. When combined with any of the industry’s cutting edge litigation support software, realtime court reporting can provide an almost unfair advantage in many areas of the litigation process.

Nationwide Scheduling

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NATIONWIDE SCHEDULING   Call us anytime to schedule your litigation needs nationwide.  We make all arrangements for your deposition or meeting needs ANYWHERE in the nation: Court Reporting Videography Videoconferencing Conference Rooms Depositions Arbitrations ELMO Courtroom Video Playback PowerPoint presentations CART Realtime Audio Transcription Internet and video streaming

When was the last time you received a detailed invoice from your court reporter? An invoice that really explained your charges? An invoice that showed you exactly what you were paying for. And exactly how much?