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Court reporting is important work — and it is not something that can be tasked to just anyone. In fact, Harris County, Texas is facing a legal nightmare as court reporter Sondra Humphrey fails to produce important transcripts in not one, but several, cases — all relating to Karen Wooding Bryant “a woman convicted of

Will new technologies render court reporters obsolete? The answer to that question, according to Stenographer Dina Marcus, is no — at least not for a long time. While many people assume that voice recorders, videoconferencing, tapes, and voice-to-text technology can do everything that an actual human being can do, when it comes down to it,

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With new technologies being introduced literally all of the time, many people around the world are beginning to question the old way of doing things — and whether there isn’t a better and more efficient way of doing them now. That, of course, means that court reporters and the tried and true art of stenography

Court reporters are absolutely critical — and a court case involving several U.S. deputies and a jail visitor prove it. “A man visiting his brother in Los Angeles County Jail, they said, fought with them in a waiting area and had to be restrained,” according to The Los Angeles Times. “The five deputies involved in

Although shorthand is important and wholly necessary, stenographers rarely make headlines. But that is changing, thanks to Wisconsin basketball team The Badgers. Basketball player Nigel Hayes startled press conference attendees with some big words, including “onomatopoeia,” “antidisestablishmentarianism,” and “cattywampus.” Hayes offered this explanation to the bewildered press: “Well, that wonderful young lady over there, I

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Spin-off television show “Better Call Saul” is a prequel to the popular and award-winning Breaking Bad,” The Albuquerque Journal writes, and it is also a glimpse into the true-life responsibilities and importance of court reporters. Albuquerque woman Jennifer Bean appeared on the very first episode of “Better Call Saul.” Bean worked as court reporter, and

Realtime Reporting

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Realtime feed of testimony directly to an on-site laptop from the reporter. Complimentary use of laptops – LiveNote and Bridges installed and ready for client use. Rough Drafts Uncertified rough draft transcripts of deposition testimony in either paper or ASCII format. Internet Text Streaming Realtime feed of testimony directly to your browser via Internet, allowing

What is “Realtime”?

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Realtime provides litigation teams the ability to represent their clients with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency possible. When combined with any of the industry’s cutting edge litigation support software, realtime court reporting can provide an almost unfair advantage in many areas of the litigation process.

Nationwide Scheduling

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NATIONWIDE SCHEDULING   Call us anytime to schedule your litigation needs nationwide.  We make all arrangements for your deposition or meeting needs ANYWHERE in the nation: Court Reporting Videography Videoconferencing Conference Rooms Depositions Arbitrations ELMO Courtroom Video Playback PowerPoint presentations CART Realtime Audio Transcription Internet and video streaming

When was the last time you received a detailed invoice from your court reporter? An invoice that really explained your charges? An invoice that showed you exactly what you were paying for. And exactly how much?