A Basic Guide to Video Court Reporting As court reporting remains an essential industry, with 21,200 court reporters in the U.S. alone, reporting methods will likely continue to advance with technology. Video depositions are just one example of how electronic reporting can add additional layers to testimonial delivery. Learn the basics of a legal video

Legal Videography and Videoconferencing Most upscale court reporting agencies offer their clientele more than just stenography coverage; their services often include legal videography and videoconferencing.  When making arrangements with a court reporting agency, it is important to recognize the difference between legal videography and videoconferencing in order to get the services that you require. Legal

Court reporters and legal videographers bear the responsibility to create and keep the official record of legal proceedings.  The moral authority of court reporters or legal videographers over the record requires impartiality — the official record can’t be entrusted to one having a stake in a proceeding’s outcome. To protect the authority of court reporters

I’ve been a trial attorney a long time.  I’ve taken many depositions in many environments throughout the United States.  Whatever the environment, I know what I need from a court reporting agency.  It’s a short list, but it’s essential. I need a court reporting agency to be independent A court reporting firm and its court

When scheduling a deposition through a national court reporting agency, there are several important details that must be provided to ensure that the deposition runs smoothly. The agency will need to know the date, time and location of the deposition.  If possible, supply the estimated duration. Should arrangements need to be made for the location of

PARALEGALS: USE YOUR COURT REPORTING AGENCY TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY By Brenda Keyser, MBA, RDR, CRC, CRR, CLR, CME In today’s legal market, clients place more and more pressure on law firms to reduce the cost of legal services. Clients demand that law firms manage their time efficiently to reduce billings. They also demand that