In a bizarre turn of events, one of the most well-known court reporting schools shut its doors in early January. Sage College, a private for-profit school in Moreno Valley, closed two weeks before the end of the quarter, turning away hundreds of court reporting and paralegal students. Despite its good reputation, Sage College has been


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COURT REPORTERS OR TAPE RECORDERS? by Gregory Keyser, Esq. I attended a deposition recently.  I didn’t hire the court reporting agency for this deposition, and didn’t recognize the court reporter.  She didn’t carry the stenographic equipment I associate with professional court reporters, but unloaded tape recorders and a notepad. This wasn’t the first time I’d
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Court reporting agencies are constantly hiring new court reporters. In fact, between 2012 and 2022, job opportunities are expected to rise by 10%. But some just aren’t cut out for the job. In order to be a court reporter, there are some essential traits that you need to have to succeed.   Good Work Ethic- Even
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Historically, American courts create a record of most court hearings to facilitate public and appellate review of proceedings.  Until recently, trial proceedings were recorded by litigation services or a court reporter who transcribed verbatim testimony, arguments, and rulings spoken by trial participants.  But technological advances in recording systems have encouraged some American courts to install