One Call Court Reporting Services, Anywhere in the U.S.

At Elite Court Reporting Agency, our highly skilled and trained professional staff of court reporters and videographers offer years of combined experience, ensuring accurate, high quality, prompt, and courteous service. They do this while providing flexible scheduling and competitive rates.

For your convenience, we offer free on-site parking, free conference rooms, and a videoconferencing suite, as well as available conference rooms throughout the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana area.

You will always receive detailed invoicing – no hidden fees! Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Court Reporting

We are a full-service court reporting agency serving all 50 states. Our certified professional reporting staff provides accurate, prompt, and courteous service while offering flexible scheduling and competitive rates, all with a standard 10-day turnaround. Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana notaries public available.
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Legal Videography

Video deposition and litigation services are provided by videographers offering flexible scheduling and competitive rates, including MPEG1 and 2 formatting, video synchronization, courtroom playback, Day in the Life videos, and DVD, CD, and VHS editing.
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Videoconferencing services available at competitive rates in our on-site videoconferencing suite. Free conference rooms and on-site parking.
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Court Reporter

Other Services

  •  Conference Room

Free parking at our on-site conference rooms, as well as additional conference rooms available throughout the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana region. Complimentary lunch with all-day on-site services.

  • Nationwide Scheduling

Schedule a court reporter, videographer, or videoconference anywhere, anytime.

Call 513.233.3000 or visit our scheduling page.

  • Trial and Litigation Support Services

PowerPoint and/or ELMO presentations, exhibit/document preparation, courtroom playback, or ELMO rental. Call 513.233.3000 and ask to speak with our litigation support specialist.

  • Subpoena Service/Court Filing

Subpoena preparation and process service and court filing provided at competitive rates.

  • Realtime

Realtime feed of testimony directly to an on-site laptop from the reporter. Complimentary use of laptops – LiveNote and Bridges installed and ready for client use.

  • Rough Drafts

Uncertified rough draft transcripts of deposition testimony in either paper or ASCII format.

  • Internet Text Streaming

Realtime feed of testimony directly to your browser via Internet, allowing your entire team — no matter where they are — to view transcript text and communicate via instant messaging.

  • Internet Video Streaming

Realtime feed of video to your browser via Internet, allowing your entire team – no matter where they are – to view the video. Video streaming may be used alone or in conjunction with text streaming.

  • Synchronized Transcripts to Video

Using synchronized testimony from deposition transcripts to corresponding audio from video deposition files, you can review the transcript and video side by side from the free viewing software.

  • Expedited Transcripts (including Daily copy)

Standard 10-day turnaround on transcript and video services; expedited services, including daily copy and rough draft ASCIIs, are available.

  • Transcript Delivery Options with Electronic and/or Digital Signatures

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  • CART

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), also referred to as realtime captioning or live-event captioning, transcribes the spoken word into readable English text using a stenotype machine, notebook computer, and realtime software.

  • Interpreter Services

Interpreter services available at competitive rates.