Here’s Why You Need an Experienced Court Reporting Agency for Deposition Videography

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deposition videographyThe U.S. legal system is extremely complex in several different ways, but one thing that will always remain constant is the need for accurate documentation. The words spoken in court can change a person’s life forever, which is why you cannot afford to miss one second of a deposition or statement.

From deposition videography to videoconferencing, experienced court reporting services can ensure that you won’t miss one word of the legal proceedings. While this job may seem as simpler as typing and filming, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a very intricate field of work, which is why you cannot afford to settle for less when it comes to choosing a court reporter for hire.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of information during a case, but obtaining clear documentation of the events that unfold can help you to avoid this. Here are just three of the many ways that you stand to benefit from an experienced court reporting agency:

    • Court reporting
      If you’ve been in law for even one year, you know just how fast and heated things can get in the courtroom or during a deposition. Therefore, you absolutely need to make sure that you have every word and syllable on the record. More than 70% of the nation’s 50,000 court reporters work outside of the court, and you can take advantage of their services whenever you need to. The value in finding an NCRA-certified court reporter is very vital. The minimum speed needed to become certified by the NCRA is 225 words per minute, which is what you need out of a court reporter.


    • Deposition videography
      The court reporting education program process takes an average of 33.3 months, and this is often because court reporters also focus on deposition videography. It seems as if nothing “actually happened” unless it’s caught on video these days. Deposition videography will give you hard proof of anything a person says during a deposition. You can then play it back in a court of law or in your office while you’re preparing for a case.


  • Videoconferencing
    Deposition videography is perfect for speaking with clients and witnesses, but you may also want to speak with other legal professionals who do not live close to you. Professional videoconferencing enables you to instantly swap ideas with people all over the world to build your case as well as possible.

There’s a lot that goes into building a winning case, but proper documentation is certainly at the top of the list. Get in touch with experienced court reporters and start benefiting from these important services.