Lexington Court Reporting

Lexington Court ReportingWelcome to Elite Court Reporting Agency in Lexington!

Need court reporting services in Lexington, KY?   Simplify with one call to Elite Court Reporting Agency, a full-service agency serving cities and towns throughout Kentucky, including Louisville and Lexington.

Elite Court Reporting Agency provides:

  •        Deposition services
  •        Legal videography       
  •        Trial and litigation support
  •       Videoconferencing

Elite Court Reporting Agency handles all your Lexington court reporting needs.  We supply reporters, videographers, and videoconferencing facilities to cover your depositions, arbitrations, hearings, meetings, and conventions. 

Other professional services include:

  •       Video and Internet streaming
  •       Realtime
  •       Audio transcription
  •       ELMO and PowerPoint presentations
  •       Document/exhibit preparation
  •       Video synchronization
  •       CART

All services come with a standard 10-day turnaround.  Expedited services, including daily copy, can be easily handled by Elite Court Reporting Agency.

In other areas of Kentucky, court reporting services can also easily be arranged by Elite Court Reporting Agency.

Finding reporters, videographers, videoconferencing facilities and or other locations to host out-of-town meetings can take time. Let us make the arrangements for you.  Schedule a court reporter, videographer, or videoconferencing anytime, anywhere, with our Nationwide Scheduling Services.

Payment for your Lexington court reporting service is made simple with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


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