Litigation Support Services

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Many court reporting agencies provide litigation support services for trial lawyers.   These litigation

Ligation Support Services

Brenda Keyser-RDR, CRR, CRC, CLR, CME, MBA

support services may include:  online repositories of deposition transcripts and exhibits, document production, exhibit retention and production, trial presentation services, subpoena services, videoconferencing facilities, videotape depositions, conference room rental, and nationwide deposition scheduling.

We’ve heard the old saying, “Time is money,” and that’s especially true for trial lawyers and their staffs.  Many lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries outsource litigation support services to their court reporting agencies.  With a quick call, email, or online request through a court reporting agency’s website, litigation staff can successfully use their court reporting agency to provide much needed litigation support services.

During the discovery phase of litigation, court reporting agencies can provide exhibit retention with online repository access, deposition scheduling, video depositions, videoconferences, conference rooms, and subpoena services.   Once depositions are finalized, transcripts can be made available through an online repository.

As litigation approaches the trial phase, court reporting agencies can schedule trial depositions, legal video depositions, and videoconferencing depositions, providing expedited service as needed.  Many court reporting agencies also offer trial presentation services and equipment needed for trial presentations.  Services can range from simply providing equipment such as ELMOs, projectors, speakers, laptops, and microphones, to arranging for staff to support the trial team by handling playback of video depositions and displaying exhibits for witnesses, a judge, and/or a  jury to view during opening statements, testimony, or closing argument.

Originally, court reporting agencies only created hard copy transcripts of depositions or trials.  But with the evolution of technology, court reporting agencies have expanded their services to better serve the needs of modern trial lawyers.  So the next time you need litigation support services, why not call your go-to court reporting agency?