Raising the Bar — Detailed Invoicing

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When was the last time you received a detailed invoice from your court reporter? An invoice that really explained your charges? An invoice that showed you exactly what you were paying for. And exactly how much?

For decades, it has been the reporting industry’s standard practice to issue “bottom line” invoices that tell you how much to pay, but don’t identify individual charges…leaving you to guess about how charges were computed, whether the charges are correct and how those charges might compare to charges from another firm.

Once again, Elite is raising the standard. Your invoice from Elite itemizes every charge – no hidden fees, no undisclosed up-charges and no secret expense charges.

You may see charges that are customary in the reporting industry that are itemized for the first time in this invoice. Or, you may see a charge for a service you thought was less expensive. Chances are you’ve been paying these fees for years. We thought we’d change the industry standard and show you exactly what services for which you are paying.

If you have any questions about detailed invoicing, please call our office at 513-233-3000. While you’re on the phone, ask us about ways you may be able to reduce your charges in the future.

Thank you for your continued support of Elite Reporting Agency, LLC!